Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Popcorn: It's a Big POP, By Lorie at OACAA

As my friends would tell you: “Lorie like’s snacks!!!” My favorite is sweet snacks, but as you might have found out when you went shopping, sugar costs. I managed to get some sugar in my diet this week because me without sugar is not a pretty sight. I knew the biggest bang for my buck would be in the salty snack aisle. So I headed my cart down the aisle with the wall of salty delights on both sides looking for my salty snack that would last me five days, maximize the portion,  and cost me under $3. 
I looked at the chips and although they had chips in the price range the portion size was small. The bag was as long as my arm from the tips of my fingers to the bend in my elbow, but the chips inside the bag only filled a 1/3 of it. So chips where crossed off my list. I looked at pretzels. Depending on the style of pretzel you buy you can get a large portion within the cost limits and it would cover the whole five days, but the problem with pretzels are it’s the same flavor over and over. They are dry and leave you thirsty. Yes, I could dip them in mustard ( I do like that), I just have to be in the mood for pretzels in order to eat them and I don’t think I could make that mood last five days. Nuts were next in the aisle, most of the time healthy, but they are pricey. You get a very small portion, and they would not last all five days. At the end of the aisle was a beacon of light in my hunt for the salty snack…POPCORN!!!!! I got the store brand. It had six 3.5oz bags for under $3. I got butterific,  but if you're not into butter it came in different flavors from plain to cheese to kettle corn. It was already portioned out, the cost was great, lots of flavor, and best of all this week in the evenings when I would start to feel that hunger feeling I would pop it up. I could share it with my dad, which I could not with any other item. I could eat up and feel full.  A nice way to go to bed at night, especially since so many do not get that option.

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