Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Energy Crash by Dan with Northwoods

Thunk – the metaphorical sound of my head hitting the keyboard. That’s what I felt like yesterday. The combination of a not-too-exciting work project, no coffee, and running out of Cocoa Puffs snacks had my eyes glazing over and created a struggle for me to focus. This whole challenge had not been too hard until yesterday, but it finally hit.

Normally, I’ll get up and get a snack or refill my coffee cup, but I couldn’t afford (and wasn’t allowed) to do that yesterday. I tried to push through but it was difficult. I’ve found it to be true that a small snack can provide a big mental boost. I took a few walks around the office and tried to get my blood flowing a little better, but the relief didn’t last too long.

I ended up having a coworker “accidentally” drop a few pretzels on the table and offered to save them from the trash (thanks, Colleen!). So yeah, I technically cheated a little bit. But I didn’t want those pretzels to go to waste!

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