Thursday, May 3, 2012

Confession of an Absent Mind by Lorie with OACAA

It always amazes me how the mind works. Yesterday was confession day at the office. We
sat together and the four of us confessed if we had cheated on the Food Stamp Challenge.  Three of us had, but not willfully. All three had cheated and didn’t know we had until our brains sent us a scream message. 
I will start with mine.  My father and I sit in recliners and there is an end table between us. The table normally has five things on it. A stack of magazines on antique tractors (my fathers), tv remote(mostly mine),  a bottle of water (mine), and two containers - one with candy (my fathers) and one with cashews (my fathers). The first two days of the Challenge the candy jar was there with mini Reese Cups in it (since my brother had bought a bag of Reese Cups the size of Ohio we have been eating them forever, so they didn’t bother me). The other can of cashews was not there, so again no temptation. But on the evening of the third day, the can was back. My brother, father, and I had a busy evening and had finally sat down to watch a sitcom. Without thought or intent of planning I picked up the can, opened the lid, and ate six cashews before my mind told me, “STOP! You can’t.” I was so mad at myself. 
My other coworkers' stories are similar. One had gotten home from work and was starving and just reached out and grabbed a handful of Fruit Loops from the box that was sitting on the counter not even thinking that she could not do that. The third coworker said that they had Reese’s peanut butter eggs that they had bought after Easter laying in a bowl and he walked past grabbed it, opened it, and took a bit without even realizing what he had done. The only one that had not cheated, well we are looking to set her up. 
With kidding aside, I feel deeply for those who are forced to rely on food stamps and have nothing to reach for when they are hungry and have little choice in foods. I can only think of the games their mind’s play with them.

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