Friday, May 4, 2012

Dan with Northwood's Final Thoughts

Today’s lunch: Instant mashed potatoes…blech! I tried my best to spice them up with salt, pepper, and some household seasonings but still…blech! I’d trade the whole dry, flakey box for my jelly sandwich lunch from day three.

At least it’s the last day of the challenge for me (I am running the half marathon on Saturday, so I started the challenge Sunday in order to carb-load tomorrow), allowing me to use my remaining $1.63. I went with a coworker to Potbelly’s for lunch and purchased a cookie for $1.25. It was amazing. I was asked this morning my best meal of the week, and that cookie was it by far.

Overall, the challenge has opened my eyes about all the time that it takes planning meals when you are on a limited budget. I could no longer grab and go. I had to be thinking about the bigger picture – how is this meal choice going to affect the rest of my options for the week?
I have also been overwhelmed by all of my friends and coworkers who wanted to give or buy me food. They all wanted to help me get through this and I have appreciated everyone’s support, questions, comments, and suggestions!

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