Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 1 of the Challenge for Neva Dunn

I am doing the Challenge Sunday through Thursday because I will be out of town this Friday.
So my plan was to have lunchmeat sandwiches this week for lunch. I bought a sub kit that cost $5.49 at Krogers with a dollar off coupon. As I was preparing my lunch yesterday, the turkey and ham felt slimy (ewww), so I had peanut butter instead in a tortilla.
Now I am able to take this meat back and get my money back and choose another option for my lunch, but there was a time ( I am a food stamp survivor) when I would not have been able to take it back because we did not have a car growing up. Back then, the person that took us to the store may not have been available to take us back to the store to return it.
Then I realized after my dinner that I couldn’t go get my Dairy Queen twist cone with crunch coat for a treat because it wasn’t in my budget…… anyway it ain’t easy.

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